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A closed door student of Grandmaster Tam Yiu Chuen, Master Li is a 5th generation disciple of the Yang Family Taiji.


24 Step Taiji

The 24 Step Taiji form was adopted by the Chinese Authority as the official form. It is mainly constructed from elements of the Yang family system. A gathering of many contemporary masters of different styles was set to the task of creating this single Taiji form that was easy to learn. They eliminated much of the repetitive motion so that the form was shorter but still had profound benefits to the practitioners health and flexibility.

Not only is the 24 Step form useful in improving one's health but it can be used for self defense as well. With the addition of stationary/fixed step Push Hands the practitioner learns how to apply the postures against a training partner. Awareness of where the opponent's center of balance and where their connection to the ground is allows the practitioner to redirect incoming attacks. The lessons learned from the 24 Step Taiji form allow the practitioner to gain advantage over opponents with minimal effort. Once proficient in stationary/fixed step Push Hands, the practitioner proceeds to moving Push Hands which also emphasizes using minimal physical effort. Using Taiji footwork, this exercise advances one's self defense skills and ability to defend others.

Wudang Taiji Sword Form - 51 Movements

Master Li teaches the original Yang Family Taiji Sword Form which was passed down from the Wudang Mountains. The Wudang Taiji Sword Form contains 51 movements and is by far the most complete Taiji Sword Form found. It is also an advanced level power tool for Qi (chi) cultivation.

Yang Long Form - 81 Movements

Master Li teaches the original Yang Family Long Form which contains 81 movements (Some schools count the movements of the same form differently, such as 88 movements and 105 movements). 81 movements imply infinity. In Chinese traditions, nine times nine is eighty-one (9 X 9 = 81) and 81 indicates the infinity. This form contains all thirteen major postures of Taiji.


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In memory of Robert H. Bunker

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