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Qi ("Chi") can be understood as body heat (energy). The study of Qigong involves Qi cultivation and purification through mental techniques, correct postures, breathing and meditation. The training will lead to a healthier physical and mental well being, thereby attaining overall balance and harmony. At this level the receptor ends of the brain cells secrete hormones such as endorphin that can counter pain and stress as well as boost one's immune system. Further training in advance level can lead to enlightenment.


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In memory of Robert H. Bunker

Beads for Health! -- Master Li has performed extensive research into gemology, mineralogy, and herbal medicines and has especially focused on the effects of certain materials on the human body.

E-FengShui -- Now you do not need to pay high fees to acquire professional Feng Shui consulting services. E-fengshui is a new concept which applies a non-superstitious approach in analyzing and improving every business or home environment to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity, and to improve the overall health and well-being of all concerned.

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