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Inner Gate Wing Chun

Our school specializes in Inner Gate Wing Chun System, and we carry on Grandmaster Ho Kam Ming's teachings. Our curricula include Shaolin Foshan Wing Chun(Ving Tsun), Taiji, Qigong. Master Li teaches all aspects of the arts that include the internal aspects for healing, wellness, and health maintenance.

Inner-Gate Wing Chun System was developed by Wing Chun and Qigong Master Randy K. Li in his pursuit to apply Wing Chun principles to the utmost to optimize Wing Chun efficiency and effectiveness. Master Randy K. Li has been a well-known high level Qigong Master and healer whose Qigong was developed purely through his Wing Chun training.

Definition of Inner Gate Wing Chun - Inner Gate Wing Chun is a system that teaches the practitioners to establish and maintain dominance of control in the inner gate that includes the zone in between both hands and both feet of an opponent.

Total Control Management - Inner Gate Wing Chun practitioners will develop Total Control of the opponent(s) through contact and/or with very little or no contact. The Total Control includes stopping the opponent's movement(s) and/or taking over the opponent's intended motions.

Maximization of efficiency and effectiveness - Master Randy K. Li specializes in motion studies, capacity planning, facility planning, and the art of placement from his MBA, Operations Management, and Feng Shui background. Master Li is a well-known Feng Shui Master and business consultant. Master Li applies his academic knowledge and professional experience to optimize the combative self-defense outcome of every movement in the Wing Chun system.

Health Maintenance and Wellness - Inner Gate Wing Chun System contains high level Qigong in every movement and motion. The practitioners will learn to develop correct mental and breathing teachniques, postures, and movements to achieve harmony and wellness. The practitioners will also learn to balance the Yin and Yang in the body, and to promote the brain cells' endorphin secretion to get rid of pain and stress. Many healing and health maintenance techniques will be taught such as pressure point manipulation, Qi cultivation, energy purification, meditation, basic Chinese medicine, food-therapy, basic herbal usage, etc


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