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Master Randy K. Li

Born and raised in Macau, Master Li had the opportunity of learning many styles of martial arts from different famous masters starting at a very young age. Aside from Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) and Yang Taiji, Master Li has studied other styles of Taiji, Kung Fu, Hung Sing Choy Li Fut, Qigong, and Karate. After completing his high school education, he attended college in the United States and obtained his B.S. in Business Administration and Operations Management, as well as an M.B.A. with Finance and Marketing emphases.

Master Li studied Buddhist Qigong briefly and decided to focus on the training of Taoist Qigong, especially, in the Congenital One Element Qigong. He is skillful in Qigong healing and Fung Sui (Feng Shui) and is the Honorary Advisor to the Society Fung Sui Cheong Shong Ming Lei of Macau since 1992.

Master Li teaches Wing Chun, Taiji, and Qigong, and has been the Taiji and Kung Fu teacher at the Chinese School of Greater Kansas City since 1992. He is also Vice President the U.S.A.W.K.F. (United States of America Wushu Kung Fu Federation), President of the U.S.A. National Traditional Wushu Federation, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Association, and Vice President of the U.S.A. National Tai Chi Chuan Association. Master Li is internationally ranked as an 8th degree black belt.

Master Li is a 2nd generation disciple of Shao Lin Fut Shan Yip Man Wing Chun. In 1963 he started his training under Grandmaster Ho Kam Ming, who has been considered by most people the foremost Wing Chun Grandmaster following Yip Man.

An Interview with Qigong Great, Master Randy K. Li.


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